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Project Get Off the Grid: Phase III

Evolve’s Sleek, Low-Flow Shower-heads
In Phase III of Project Get Off the Grid (for those who haven’t been reading previous posts on Project Get Off the Grid, click here to catch up), I haven’t made many changes. Differing variables in the 2008 and 2009 periods of Phase II, namely a ten-day trip to Mexico in 2008, [...]

Earth Hour 2009 a “Huge Success”

On March 29th, people from around the world turned off lights for Earth Hour 2009. 4,085 cities and 88 countries participated in the event, which is being described as the largest demonstration of public concern about climate change in history. Check out these pictures of international cities, monuments, and landmarks before and during Earth Hour. [...]

Project Get Off the Grid: Phase II – Results

I just got my Duke Energy bill for the period of February 18 to March 19, so the results of Phase II of Project Get Off the Grid are officially in.
For those who haven’t read my old posts about Project Get Off the Grid, here’s a quick summary. During each Duke Energy billing period, I’ll be [...]

Earth Hour: 8:30-9:30PM, March 28

In 2007, 2.2 million homes and businesses in Sydney, Australia turned off their lights for one hour to show their commitment to planet earth. In 2008, the message grew into a global sustainability movement, and approximately 50 million people around the world turned off their lights for Earth Hour. This year, Earth hour, with the support [...]

A New Twist on CFL Bulbs

I have been and will continue to promote the Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) bulbs. It’s just one of those “why not?” products that I think any home, workspace, or whatever should implement. Now, a London-based boutique electronics company called Hulger has initiated The Pulmen Project, which is putting a whole new spin on the CFL. [...]

WSJ on Saving Energy (and $$$) at Home

It’s one of the primary drawbacks facing the green movement today: the upfront cost that often accompanies going green. Although going green can help us save money in the long run, the amount of time it can take to break even frequently deters even those with the very best intentions (yes, me included). Especially considering [...]

Project Get Off the Grid: Phase II

As those who have read previous posts about Project Get Off the Grid already know, I’ve been attempting to make small changes that will reduce my energy use around the house, then analyze the impact of the particular changes by comparing my current Duke Energy bills with those from the year before. During Phase I [...]

Acqua Liana: The Eco-Mansion

Holy crap, can someone PLEASE send me $29 million?
Typically, the bigger a home gets, the more stress it puts on our environment. With increasing size comes increasing energy expenditure, increasing natural resource consumption, increasing land use, increasing waste, etc. Unfortunately, it’s just an inherent result of building big.
With Acqua Liana, however, real estate designer/developer Frank [...]

Project Get Off the Grid: Phase I – Results

The results are in. I got my Duke Energy bill two days ago and I can now see how Phase I of Project Get Off the Grid has affected my energy use and, consequently, my monthly energy bill.
Here’s a quick summary of the plan for those who haven’t read earlier posts about Project Get Off [...]

March 2009 National Geographic

Featured Article on Household Energy Use
I just got the March 2009 issue of National Geographic in the mail.
Side note: Yes, I know we’re supposed to be cutting down on our magazine and catalogue subscriptions, which I’m working on and will discuss in a later post, but National Geographic is one of the few subscriptions that [...]

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