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A New Twist on CFL Bulbs

I have been and will continue to promote the Compact Flourescent Light (CFL) bulbs. It’s just one of those “why not?” products that I think any home, workspace, or whatever should implement. Now, a London-based boutique electronics company called Hulger has initiated The Pulmen Project, which is putting a whole new spin on the CFL. [...]

Acqua Liana: The Eco-Mansion

Holy crap, can someone PLEASE send me $29 million?
Typically, the bigger a home gets, the more stress it puts on our environment. With increasing size comes increasing energy expenditure, increasing natural resource consumption, increasing land use, increasing waste, etc. Unfortunately, it’s just an inherent result of building big.
With Acqua Liana, however, real estate designer/developer Frank [...]

Solar Ivy

Some exceptionally cool stuff
It’s pretty much exactly what you think: solar-powered “ivy”. SMIT (be sure to check out the pictures under the “Grow .1″ and “Grow .2″ links at the top of the page), a Brooklyn-based start-up company, has been developing an alternative energy system that resembles ivy crawling up the side of a building.
There [...]

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